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I built my own loom, so don't know what Marlin's loom has on it, but european convention is to have left and right sidelights seperately fused, with the numberplate light on one (or both if there are two bulbs) of those circuits. Separate fuses for dipped beam, beam, fogs, reverse, brake. Toyotas seem to have a seperate relay for dipped beam, with a fuse for each side.....

It certainly varies from one manufacturer to the other.

When I built mine, I used the Rover wiring diagram in the Haynes manual as a starting point - it makes sense to do so, given the major switchgear is from the Rover, so you can be sure your wiper logic for example, works. It'll also help to ensure you have the correct fuse ratings for the stalks.

Best of luck - it tooks me weeks to make my loom, not least because I extended the ECU wiring from by 3m (80 soldering joints, just for that....), but putting in a variable time intermittent, sussing out the Honda dials, and using a "trendy" hazard switch, which didn't contain standard hazard switch logic took alarming amounts of time.
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