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Hi Chris, it was good to meet up again. Glad to see that you are as mad busy as ever but still take the time to talk and listen. I have gathered as many reference pictures as possible with comments against those I have a view about. These are a mix of 300S & 450S.

Scoop above rear wheel arch should be bigger. Like the nose and side vents.

Like - Front end, side vent.

Don’t Like – Front end, head lights, side vents.

Not convinced by the vents behind the rear wheels but it shows how low the nose goes quite nicely.

Minimalist rear end but not sure how legal the lighting would be. Don’t need the holes in the boot flap. Any idea what the three holes in the back end are for?

Really ugly bonnet bulge

Don’t like the side vents. Notice only two holes in the back end this time.

Much prettier bonnet bulge

Nice bonnet bulge with vent. Don’t like side vents. Simpler nose without the round holes either side of the main grille.

Really shows the nose sticking forward from the lights

Now there are four holes in the rear!

Don’t like the extra square vent below the main grille. Notice the extra little round vent in the bonnet, not sure why it is there and doesn’t appear on the others.

Different holes in the boot flap this time – again we don’t need these. The indicators are positioned inside the mystery holes on this one – possibility?

I like this simpler nose without the round vents. The hump looks too big on this one and I don’t like the side vent /exhaust.
Video link shows unusual shape of vents quite clearly.

Don’t like the chrome side grilles
Lots of pictures for reference
Just love this guys tool kit strapped to the fuel tank.
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