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Default So today is the day...

...well I only bl**do gone and done it!

Thanks Paul I needed that for today.

Yep that's right I bit the bullet and bonded it all together. Now for those experienced of you will say so what? Truth be told I had been putting it off and putting it off. There was a huge sense of no turning back and I kept wondering if that's right and this has been going on for a while. Yesterday I did a dry run through but it did not prepare me for just how rapid the epoxy went off. Some might recall that I had purchased some different bonding epoxy than that was supplied by Tribute. A superior product? yes. A ridiculously quick setting time... ummm yeah. I was lucky I had planned to do the two sides separately otherwise it would had been crazy!

Not much camera action today so this all I got, I had already started removing the tec screws in case you think I had gone crazy with the drill.

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