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Hi Kieth.
Thanks for the input.
I’m greatful to all so far with their sound advice.
And hope at some point I too can look forward
to advise newcomers to this awesome world of kits.
Regardless of weather I decide to start off with something a bit more simple for a first build, get some experience behind Me,
I’m allowing for as long as it takes to thoroughly research
My ultimate goal of building the Diablo.
I’ve started out firsthand so far on a budget.
The power plant I have in mind, would be a bmw v12,
Not sure on the gearbox as yet, I need to look further
Into that,
Same goes for the wheels, I’m not sure if other Diablo
Builders actually use authentic, or extremely good copy’s.
Something else along with 1001 other things, lol.
I did look into already about a turnkey build,
Having looked into that,
I was quoted around the 30/40k mark. Just
For the build/labour! Nearly passed out, lol.
So, a home build project it will be.
Plus, it’ takes all the fun & pride of actually doing something
Your passionate about too.
I’m not sure either what the total build cost would be
at this point,
I realise source of materials etc can vary greatly also.
I’m looking for a pretty decent spec.
I may find My budget is way off under
But won’t know until I research.
Around the 35/40k mark with a possible 10k aside for
Over budget. I can’t go above this.
That’s at a skimp and save as it is. Lol.

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