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To fill in, Obviously we've taken the same 'tack' as the Tribute guys 'next door' in cutting sufficient Donor away to fit the Navigator body over it. This, in effect means taking away the boot walls and floor along with the outer rear wings. The only part of the dashboard taken off is the 'Crash Pad' which comes off with the removal of 6 nuts. I also took the windscreen wiper spindles and motor away. The actual instrument panel is untouched and has not had anything disconnected. In this way, no electrics other than the lighting circuit has been affected and the pedals and brake circuits are similarly unaffected.
Not a build concept for everyone but if the tub is in good condition, it makes sense to retain as much of it as possible. This helps with floor pans and of course the ?!**?! Hand Brake

By the way, it's currently taken about 6 manhours and we're near ready to bond the body on
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