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Originally Posted by alackofspeed View Post
....and so for the first time in a year I cleaned the car, and then went for a shake-down pootle.

Over the past few weeks I've changed the brakes to a non-servo twin master cylinder set-up, and what a pleasing difference! The pedal requires a good shove (partly because the pads took a pounding on track the last time the car was used), but having a more naturally balance brake bias (I fitted a large front master, and small rear master to pull the bias rewards) makes the car feel massively better. Heath Robinson would be proud of my slightly unusual method of installing the twins.

As there's been little activity of late, later I'll post up a picture of the twin set-up to keep the forum bouyant, but for now, here's a picture of my car relatively clean for a change.

That's a great picture, one for the Marlin gallery me thinks?
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