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It's a big step cutting out the door shuts, cills and bulk head, but it really works with your seating position and roof arrangements.

The midget screen also works, did you consider the cobra screen at all?

I always have intended this to be a budget build and midget bits really are cheap and cheerful (screen 20 and roof frame 30) so a replica cobra screen was definitely out. I considered an mgb screen but it would be a bit too wide as a cobra one might also be. I called Gary for a measurement of the g46 cockpit and obtained the width of a midget screen from a MG specialist. The two measurements were near enough as were the length of the door tops (thanks Gary) and a proportioned measurement from a scale mg midget drawing on google images. Based on that I ebay'd a screen and a hood frame. I also got a couple of rusty doors complete with all glass and winder mechanisms from a local classic restorer. As it turns out the sammio doors are slightly too long (one more than the other) so I will be shortening them a little. Concerns about being able to get in and out with the hood in place means that I am going to deepen the door skins by joining the part of the body below the door to the standard sammio door. This will make it easier to get my feet in and out and will allow the wind down windows to fully lower. The horizontal cut line in the photos above (80mm above the top of the chassis side rail) marks the bottom of the door / top of the door opening. The next step is to finish stripping the outer skin from the midget doors leaving the inner frame intact to be bonded into the extended sammio outer skin. This will give mounting points for the winder mechanism and window guides as well as hinge mounting points. I hope to use the scimitar hinges. As they designed to be mounted on flanges at right angles to the cars centreline some changes will be required to the 45 degree angled front door returns.

There, that's all of my current wish list out in the open!

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