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Originally Posted by thecarbuilder246 View Post
Hi all

I'll see how it fits but the 246 floor is some 8 inches shorter than the deon!!! I know the 246 engine bay is bigger but 8 inches bigger? I'm not sure
Hi Ian
I seem to remember reading somewhere that the 246 is 4 inches longer than the 206 but all the additional length is in the engine bay. This is borne out by my engine and rear boot lids which I think are from CASCU and which I had to cut down by a couple of inches on each to get them to fit my Classic replicas Dino.
As for the other 4 inches, I have compared my rear bulkhead to pictures of the 246, mine looks to be much closer to the vertical than the original, which, assuming that the rear window is in the same place in both, would give an extra few inches of floor space behind the seats.

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