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If you are fitting the Grassbanks rear window, have a look at some of his other parts. Does a nice gear lever, front splash shields for the front and GRP wheel arches that close off the front and rear arches. He is also producing a Veglia dash insert to get rid of the original BMW dials, will look much nicer, will be perfect for Barbers dash.
He also sells the stainless steel electric side windows, these transform the look of the car but are 3.5k......ouch, but if you are going for a top quality build then I think they would be worth it.
If you need any help or advice, I'm just down the road in Egham.
One thing that I would suggest is that you ask CC to ensure that you get a tight gap around the bonnet. So many cars have a gap that you can get your fingers in down to the knuckles. It is a simple job to do and sets the build off.
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