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Default Strut sizes


Take a close look at the SGS website which gives some struts dimensions. The '150' means a stroke length of 150mm.

SGS do not give the dimensions for the standard Z3 replacement. The standard unit is 345mm from middle of eye to middle of socket, with a 150mm stroke and a cylinder diameter of 18mm; piston 8mm.

GSV10-300 will have a very long stroke of 300mm and the unit is 650mm . . . plus the eyes / sockets. The cylinder is 22mm. So it is far too long for a Z3 bonnet hinge fitment.

A GS 14 150 has a 27mm body

I fitted the 10 - 150 units and they needed quite some adjusting to fit ok on the GTB, where space seemed tight. The cylinder body is 22mm, piston 10mm, length is 350 PLUS eyes / sockets - so significantly longer than standard. I shortened the piston and cut a new thread.
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