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Originally Posted by GaryR View Post
Hi Ace,

Great looking build! I'm following with interest!

Having had a good look at options today on my own SWB build I wondered whether you could please share your thoughts on fuel pipe connection between filler and tank please?
I'm looking at the same position for the filler on mine and wondered if you've come up with a good routing plan?

Many thanks in advance!
Hey Gary, I appreciate it! Its slow but steady progress.

I can take some pictures showing what I have done, but I found a good route where the filler line is level and does not have any petrol sitting in the line after fill up.

You run a 90 degree bend out of the tank connection and connect that up to a flexible fuel filler hose. I ran that over the arch of the wheel and then put another 90 degree bend that runs into the boot area. Then you have to run a solid 37" piece of 2" pipe across the top of the boot area where you can 90 into the fuel filler cap. That probably doesn't make sense, but I will take some pictures this evening and share them to give you an idea.

Cheers and good luck on the build
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