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Originally Posted by peterux View Post
And now there is a complete car up for auction at Bonhams in March.

This could be real bargain with an estimate of only 1500-2000 GB pounds
I took a run up to Bonhams today to have at a look at the cars in their Oxford Auction.
The poor old Sabre is a very bad way and has a serious attack of rust on many of the parts that are visible.
Yes, it is already registered, so no IVA testing required, and it does have an engine () but it's in a very, very poor condition.
I wouldn't advise bidding on this car unless you've seen it and appreciate how much work is involved.

But they do have some other glorious cars in the auction if you've got 50,000-60,000 to spare

The BMW 328 is really beautiful and would be my 'Lotttery win' car
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