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Originally Posted by morris View Post

One thing that was bothering me a bit was the oil pressure. I've never (unsurprisingly) owned a car with an oil pressure gauge so not sure what I should see. It sits at 1/2 a bar on tick over and then raises to about 2 bar when you rev to 3000 rpm but I never see it go higher. Is this correct behaviour?
Without checking my books,and based on my M20B28, I would expect about 1.3 bar (20psi) at idle rising to about 5 bar (75psi) at 2000rpm. So it does seem a bit low?
But before you panic about your engine, you may have a gauge/sender calibration issue.
Try some Wynns cam lifter stuff which can't do any harm and may free up any other gummed up oil ways. Worth a try?

Good tip about threadlocking the water pump pulley bolts.
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