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Originally Posted by morris View Post
Hi Peter, just doing a quick bit of googling on the M50 oil pressure I saw a number of people say that 10-15psi at idle is normal i.e. 0.6 to 1 bar then you should see roughly 10 psi per 1000 rpm which would equate nicely to my 2 bar at 3000 rpm. I wonder if the M52 is different due to different pumps. I do have a Bentley manual a few inches above my head on a shelf which I suppose I could stretch up and open but I'd assumed as the e36 had no pressure gauge, it wouldn't tell me anything. I also read that oil temp would normally be around 150F idling going up to 190 cruising so my 80 degrees seems ok after all.

I normally do the complete opposite and go for copper grease everywhere rather than loctite as I'm sick of wrestling with seized and rusty bolts. In this case I probably had the pulley off some time ago and just forgot to tighten them up properly. I'll probably just use some spring or star washers on instead. It does make me want to go outside and check the water pump on my daily driver though
My guesstimates were a bit high...
my Bentley manual says 0.5 Bar minimum at idle and the pressure relief valve should open at 4 Bar 'at elevated rpm' whatever that means.
I think your 2 Bar at 3000 rpm does seem a bit low?
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