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Originally Posted by morris View Post
Just took it back out on the drive and instantly the difference was obvious, so much quieter but still not quite right. I've dropped a bottle of that wynns stuff in to see if that helps but only had time to run it for about 10 minutes afterwards. I suspect it will take a lot more running to get that all through the system.

There's still too much vibration for my liking leading me to believe I may have a slight misfire. You can feel it though the seat when reving up past 1000-2000rpm and the rear view mirror shakes noticeably. At idle the front wings are vibrating as is anything resting on the chassis. I can hear a few small exhaust leaks too where I've not yet pasted the joints or probably tightened them up quite enough which won't help but shouldn't be enough to cause a vibration.

I checked the oil pressure immediately after starting cold and it was up at about 4 bar and then settles down to 1/2 once the coolant is heading towards 70-80.

I'm going to check the plugs next to see if there's any evidence of one of the cylinders not running cleanly
Good news on the oil pressure!

Have you listened to each injector to check they are all firing? If you hold a large screwdriver handle to your ear and then touch the blade end in turn on the top of each injector you can hear them clicking. (You have to take the plastic head cover off )
Even though I had my injectors professionally cleaned and flow tested I had one that was a bit reluctant to go at first. A little tap with the screwdriver got it going and it never caused any problem after that.

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