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Thanks Chris, that is exactly my motivation and I know what you mean.

Ned yours served as perfect motivation, I might have gone too large with the opening but looks like it makes reversing and overtaking a bit safer.

Ed thanks for recommendation, I have got free samples from a store through ebay called quicksellshop but trade as 'I Want Fabric'. My first samples were delayed by a bank holiday and I called to chase and had great service the next day I had my samples and funnily the first batch arrived on the same day.

Paul you're not wrong there and guess what... It's raining again today and forecast for the whole weekend

So my Jag is with my Indy for 4 wheel alignment after fitting my shocks. I wonder if Chris has a spare kit laying around as this is my courtesy car for the weekend

In all seriousness though I would be interested in hearing from the people that have a completed 250SWB and see if the driving experience is more engaging? Disappointed as was looking at doing one after the mx250

So plans today will be take some rubbish to the tip to free up more garage space I want to do some work on the roll cage as I noticed a few areas I'm not happy with after painting. That sadly might be it for the day or will see if I can get the front into the garage and finish mocking up the new hinges I have come up with for the bonnet.
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