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It seems that my 23mm Bendix master cylinder is for a Mondeo 2.0L 01- on.

However having trawled back through earlier posts I see that the 22mm Sierra master cylinder seems to be the more usual one fitted to the Cabrio and I am thinking of changing to that size if replacing it but don’t want to have excessive pedal travel.

So I have another question that wasn’t realy answered back then. What is the Cabrio pedal travel with a 22mm master cylinder and discs all round?

In my original post #220 I gave the following measurements:

With engine off. Pedal pumped several times (i.e. no vacuum /servo action).

Free pedal travel = 13mm

Total pedal travel with fairly hard push = 63mm.

With engine running at tickover.
Total pedal travel with fairly hard push = 90mm.

Handbrake when on works at 3-4 clicks but fully off for all above checks.

I have 10” (Sierra V6 / Sapphire?) vented discs at front and rear discs are solid 10” (Sierra 4x4 ?)

I would appreciate it if anyone with the same disc / disc setup as above could measure their pedal travel and let me know. Peter.
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