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Originally Posted by Nigbo View Post
I have decided after a year and half of a sticking servo and trying various solutions to order a new one and hope its better than the last. Maybe I have just been unlucky and few others seem to have posted about the problem and have found solutions by installing a return spring. However I found I had to move the return spring (Landrover type) so far down the pedal to overcome the sticking servo that it frankly made the whole brake pedal action feel weird with so much spring pressure to overcome.

An expensive option given the cost of shipping.The only other option is to return to the metro servo unless anybody has any other suggestions

Presumably you mean it is sticking in the "on" position i.e. not releasing fully?

Do you have a rose joint between the pedal bolt and the servo input shaft? Sometimes those can seem quite stiff to me which may be part of your problem, although with the Land Rover return spring I would think it unlikely.

I have the original clevis set up, with one hole elongated a bit to allow for the offset angle issue, and have never had any sticking.

Do you have the correct clearance between the end of the plunger and the primary master cylinder piston? It should be only about .020" but there must be clearance there or the servo diaphragh and valve won't fully retract. Just clutching at straws here.

I would do anything to avoid going back to the Metro sevo as it is just not up to the job. Peter.
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