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Default The beginning

Thank you all for the comments – always nice to hear what people with knowledge on the subject says! I liked the “modern-day take on a classic” a lot – that is exactly what I want to achieve!

I don’t have any plans for more than one car. But of course, if it turns out to be a good looking one I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them on the streets. Any producers out there looking for an extra model on their assembly line? :-)

Building a car without a proper garage is a bit challenging, but I managed to find a solution that turned out to be just as good – or even better. To start with I needed a place to put the car while I dismantle it. Luckily I found someone renting out a tiny garage close by my place. There was no way I could build it there, since it wasn’t much bigger than the car. But it was big enough to pull off body panels. And I have plenty of space back home. So I started with the bonnet and bumper and found out that the Z3 is a simple and cleverly engineered car – a perfect foundation for my project. Back home I took an old table and built a wood frame on top of it to support the panels.

Time to start creating!

This turned out to be a better solution than expected. I now had the perfect working height, good light and temperature and plenty of space to take a step back and look at my sculpture … I also found that my computer projector was very useful. Being able to project my drawings in full scale on cardboard helps a lot. It also guarantees the car to be symmetrical, since I in most cases can make a template for one side and just turn it upside-down for the other.

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