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Production cars have to be type approved so one model is tested and approved which then covers the whole production run - cost 250,000 per car I believe so I suspect there may be some jiggling of the rules - however most newer cars tend to have everything rounded off anyway. This is part of the reason for SVA as kit manufactures just don't have the budget for type approval and as soon as a builder digresses from the original the type approval doesn't count for that one!

With regards to nut covers and other radius's - this only applies where parts can come into contact easily with people. They've got a knee sized metal sphere used to determine if a radius falls within rules.

Exhausts that stick out past the bodywork need a radius on them too...

Sometimes it does get a bit silly on 7 type cars - if some ones head is that far into the moving parts of the car a scratch of a sharp edge is going to be the least of their worries! On the other hand people will sue or claim compensation for the smallest things these days.
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