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I have done a bit more this week ...... Managed to get the radiator and twin fans fitted as well as most of the plumbing ...still waiting for the remote inline filler cap to arrive and will need to make the bracketry for that , but have made a spaceframe style inner wing section to mount the radiator and tie the front together a bit better ......I will need to add a few bits as I go , but it's pretty much done .....

new fuel pump and fuel lines have been run too ...

Inner wing tubework mounts to the bumper tube , front inner wing mount on the suspension turret , the original bulkhead mount and throught the bulkhead ...

I also got a chance to make a handbrake bracket ...original Triumph handbrake cables and bracketry have been used ...I made a new pivot bracket to mount the horseshoe bit ...the original caged nut is fitted to the floor of the original body , so no longer relevant ... Graham has opted to use a Morris Minor / early Mini style handbrake as recommended by my good self ...I've used them lots of times before and they have an early look and their simplicity keeps things , well , simple !! Its been mounted with a slight bias to the passenger side to avoid clashing with the gearstick travel ...I put a seat in , sat in it , both sides and its easily reached and doesn't interfere with pass. legroom happy days ...

I started to map out the steering , Grahams choice of exhaust has complicated things slightly , but its get aroundable .....I know what to do ..hopefully ..just need to do it !!
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