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BIT MORE PROGRESS TODAY , The photos won't download at the moment , so will add later ...but basically some general repair work , replacing the front outriggers and outer rail ...I have fitted fully boxed sections to the repaired areas for added strength and rigidity ...the Scimitar shares the same design weaknesses as the Triumph Herald and Vitesse in as much as channel sections on the ends of the outriggers are weak in their standard format and rely very much on the bodyshell for strength ...the S*mmio and Cordite frames were designed to brace this as well as other strengthening properties , The Miglia frame kind of does the same but not as well ...The Formosa framework more than makes up for the removal of the bodyshell , but boxing the open channel sections is permitted within acceptable chassis modificationss by DVLA without compromising the 8 point rule , so if it needs repairing , its sensible to do the mod....

I have had a couple of people ask me about the customer ...I have 2 builds going on at present , a modified Miglia and this Formosa ...both customers are keen to remain anonymous for differing reasons .....My Miglia guy doesn't want any pics or info on his build on the internet ( don't know why ..) ...but the Formosa guy ( Eric ) is ok with my documenting the build . I have known Eric for over 20 years , an old friend who goes back to my previous life as a Hot Rod builder and parts supplier ...He has a Hot Rod attitude towards the build , which is great for me and the car will eventually reside in France but remain RHD on English registration as he is a regular visitor back to the UK ...

Also , before I forget , I fitted the Wire wheel adaptors that turned up today and a set of 15'' wires from stock until Eric's wheels arrive ...this addition in place of the stock wheels has reduced the overall track width by 2'' front and rear , which, in this build , is good news ...

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