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Managed to get a bit more done today ... not terribly photogenic but its all progress ...

The outrigger and perimeter rail fixes are done , I used box as stated earlier , and capped the fronts to avoid any water or muck getting in the ends from the wheels . I then drilled and tapped the box to accept 8mm bolts and welded 8mm washer faced nuts into the original , thinner rails at the rear , middle , approx. bulkhead line and front so that I could begin to work out and construct the inner space frame augmentation ....

I'm tackling this frame differently to the current Triumph example , the characteristics of the Scimitar chassis lend themselves to a slightly different approach .....I'm using 50x50x3 angle iron cladding the perimeter rails and main chassis rails following the same line as the originals and are tied together with another piece of angle steel across the rear of the seat area. This is all fixed with the 8mm fixings I mentioned just now ...from this base I will build up the tubular frame in the same style as previously ...

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