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Gary, you've pipped me to the post and added some of the pics I was going to add here, but I will update with more soon. At the moment, work is all about the engine, which was supposed to have been rebuilt in 1996 and then mothballed, but looks like it was a cosmetic job, since on closer inspection I have found all sorts of horrors. For a start the head looked good initially until I stripped it and found knackered exhaust valves, then the rocker shaft turned out to be scored and worn, requiring replacement of the shaft and posts, not to mention reprofiling the rockers.

I have just taken delivery of an engine stand (unbelievable value at SGS Engineering - link here) and I'm borrowing an engine crane this weekend, so we'll see what the bottom end looks like.

Let me know if you would like to see more as I go. I'm not keen to take shortcuts to get this build absolutely right, so I'm keen to share experience and gain input as I go!

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