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lancelot link What's the advantage of swapping the front suspension turrets?
Originally Posted by redratbike View Post
Moves the engine mounts further back needed on this car due to the long bonnet
Half right REDRATBIKE ... It moves the engine back about 8'' by simply putting the engine mounts at the rear of the turret rather than the front ...its an old racing trick , nothing new or cleverly designed by myself ...on Heralds its pretty straightforward , the Vitesse with overdrive brings a little clearance issue to the table and I have to nibble a little bit to get clearance on the chassis rail .....

Although shifting the weight back is better for weight distribution , with the Formosa , its more about getting the gearstick in a better position ...approx 48'' ( not fixed in stone ) from the centre of the rear axle to the gearstick is what's required for my bodyshell ...
This can also be achieved by leaving the engine where it is in its standard format and fitting an extended shifter to the gearbox the Spartans and Miglia's etc. The bonnet has plenty of clearance with a 6 cyl. in its stock mounting place ...

Obviously different engine options will have different locatory properties ...but 47-49'' approx gearstick to centre rear axle location will be your datum line , so to speak ....
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