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HERE'S THE MOD i DID ON THE EXHAUST... The piece just in front of the bellhousing was reduced in size to an internal fit of the existing tube and welded in place ...these few mm. were crucial , its so tight in that area ...I also tucked the piece behind it in a bit and fitted a joining strap holding the two pipes together and a strap that affixes to a bellhousing bolt so it can't knock against the gearbox ...

I then flipped the chassis over , did the welding that was required underneath and painted the underside to match the rest ...after putting the engine back in and fitting some 'bedrock' temporary shocks and putting the wheels back on, I got it back to a rolling stage ...

I then shortened and refitted the propshaft .....followed by first fit of the frame to enable me to position the bulkhead correctly .
The front floorpans were trimmed back to allow the bulkhead to slide backwards from its stock position ..the frame attaches to the top hinge mount on the original A pillar at this point.
I have got to adjust the frame slightly as Ray has aftermarket shock mounts fitted that change the location of the rear frame mount , also a boot outrigger has been replaced previously and is slightly out of line , so I may slice that and tweak it in a bit too ...

final job today was to make the new bulkhead support pieces , made and roughly located but not fully fitted as I ran out of time ...

tomorrow should see these fitted , fuel tank trial fitted , some seat belt mounts etc...

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