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Yep, I subscribe to Octane so I get one free ad per year.

My advert in Octane was much shorter - the limit was about 35 words as I recall - so it was a far more basic description.

The car had sold from the ebay classifieds before the Octane ad was published, and I didn't really expect anyone looking at the megabucks cars they usually advertise to be interested, but, over the next couple of months I got five or six serious enquiries including from three individuals who were genuinely gutted that they'd missed it.

Given that I had a buyer at the asking price within two weeks of putting it up for sale, two serious UK offers of around 18k and two European dealers negotiating at a similar level before it sold, then at least three more potential buyers responding to the Octane ad, I could've sold the car somewhere between four and eight times over.

The market might be small for this type of car compared to, say, the demand for Ford Fiestas, but there is a genuine global market for cars that will turn more heads than a new Lamborghini at the price of a mid-spec Mondeo.

Spending time with Paul and his Swordfish today, I was not in the least surprised when people stopped and asked if they could take pictures and hooted and waved while we were on the move.

Your creations are very desirable, Gary. Price them accordingly, advertise them well and hold out for the serious buyers. You will sell them.
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