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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
I would imagine a turn key build to your own specifications would be a whole lot easier than a commissioned build from a demanding customer who might be expecting a Rolls Royce for the price of a Mini or be overly finicky about tiny details.
Spooky Lucky ........and when they are looking at staying in budget , the much wanted accessories aren't compromised , they look at the labour thats being charged out at less than any mainstream garage as the area they feel can be trimmed back ..... The guarantee of being highly recommended and your creation being paraded at many shows on your behalf and undoubtably bringing hundreds of customers to your door , is waved in your face as compensation for your financial hardship ...

Personals projects sold at the end of build , don't cause that awkwardness or uncomfortable situation ...

Thats not aimed at anyone in particular , only feel upset about my comment if it strikes a cord !! but I have heard that same speech for around 25 years now since I started supplying kits and commission builds !!

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