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Originally Posted by seanick View Post
But first, some late items of news....

After replacing several fillings involving hundreds of pounds if dentistry work I am replacing the suspension springs with standard ones. I might even be able to get over a speed bump or too. The main reason is to make it pleasant to drive. Whilst it may excel on the track, on public roads its simply uncomfortable to drive, so I simply dont drive it.

Exhaust. This is very fruity, and makes me drive like a twat. After the petition from the neighbours and a verbal warning from the boys in blue its time to fit a fully standard exhaust from one end to the other.
At least then I can leave the road without the black looks from passers by.

With these two issues sorted I might use it, and if I use it I might be inspired to paint it
You might receive less remarks if it was painted. Right now, it looks like a teenage hooligan kit car; with some paint, it would be a tasteful classic.
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