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Managed to get 3.5 hours in on her today ....
Jeffs old filler recess he decided not to use on his car was a godsend today ...Combining trimming it down in height and a section of MX250 acquired from Tribute , enabled me to do this ....

All held together with straps and tec screws for now .. a section of the SWB boot aperture was cut away and the MX panel grafted in ...the rain channels and a bit of bodywork will need fettling but I managed to get the rear back off , turned over and glassed up before I left.
The reference pics I found show the cap on close inspection to not be fully flush as I first thought , but to actually stick out a little bit ...

The cap supplied is a bit larger than the originals , so will dominate this area a bit more than they normally do , but its minimal really and once all the edges are straightened out , gapped around the cap etc..she should be good to go ...

When I put it back on , I can start the bootlid mod. and then the task of connecting to the tank begins ......

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