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Well..... it's been a while!

So I've been out and about in the car quite a bit.

The 20 heated seat pad/cover i bought from LIDL is worth it's weight in gold and has been fitted all winter!!

That along with a working Triumph heater asthmatically puffing warm air onto my hands has really meant that I've been able to enjoy the car over the winter.

Last month it sailed through it's MOT once again with no advisories!

Although a few days later when i was out for a spin i had a weird clunking noise from the rear of the car
After getting recovered home and identifying the Diff as the source of the noise, i took it out and apart and found this.

Knowing that it should be bigger, i completely stripped the diff and found the other bits...

Some googling told me that the old 4:11 diffs were known to occasionally do this and so i decided that is what i must have and to have a go at fixing it myself. And then the fun began...

Trying to find a supplier with one in stock was my first challenge.
After a few days ringing round, it turns out that TD Fitchett are the people to talk to for hard to find parts and I can't recommend them enough! They are a proper old-school company who went out of their way to help me until i had the right part and i will be using them as my first port of call for parts in future!

(WARNING: small children or people with no sense of humour may wish to stop reading now)

Using the diff case number and the vehicle type we identified that mine was indeed a 4:11 diff and in theory it should have:
Small Shaft / Small Flange.
The part turned up but nope, the flange was too small and the holes just wouldn't line up no matter which way i twisted it!

After another call and a bit of head scratching we went for another part they had listed which was:
Big Shaft / Big Flange
That turned up and the flange mated perfectly up with mine! But... i just couldn't get the shaft inserted...
I lubricated it.
I pushed it.
I wiggled it around and even gently tried to persuade it with a rubber. Hammer that it.
But it was obviously just too large

So.. another call and we all agreed that i in fact have:
Small shaft / Large flange.
That turned up, fitted a treat and the car's been working fine ever since.

So given that just the diff and the gearbox we the only original parts i hadn't overhauled, i might rebuild the gearbox this winter!
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