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Spent some time yesterday , tying the front footwells into the chassis ...when the bulkhead shifts back , the footwells need to have the back edge removed . This means the rear edge no longer sits on the front outrigger , as it did addition of a 'vertical'Z' shaped piece of folded steel , welded , riveted and bonded into place ties it back together and adds some real strength to this area ...A fibreglass tunnel will cover the edges and centre area ..

Today , I made a steel frame from 20x20 mm box , 25x30mm angle and 25mm flat bar to support the expansion/filler tank. We didn't want to mount it to the bulkhead as the exits weren't working for us ...but spacing it off in a frame that is bolted through the bulkhead shelf area where the heater used to be and back into the upright bulkhead area , is perfect for us ...nice and high to be efficient and really sturdy.

I also marked out most of the dash area and cut the holes for gauges ..

I also managed to get the filler cap fitted ...measurements were taken from front and rear of filler neck on the tank , transferred to the rear deck and then an investigative pilot hole drilled just large enough to get a thin screwdriver through ...this is to check the hole centre is in the right place's easier to deal with an extra pilot hole in the bodyshell , if its wrong , than a 50mm hole saw opening cut in the middle of the rear deck !! I was bang on -exactly in the centre of the tank filler I proceeded to open up the hole to accept the cap fitting ring ...

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