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It’s actually quite a useful skill to have to be fair Keith.
It’s one of those where pretty much anyone with an interest
And a drive for Working with metal’s, say for a hobbiest,
Or you just want to mend that trailer
or metal rail etc.
Can learn the basics of mig or arc,
Although arc can be quite tricky especially when starting out.
Alloy tig is another skill.
Personally, I enjoy them all, but tend to lean more towards
Mig mild steel.
Rouph robust, and extremely strong,
Although depending on its use, and wall gauge thickness,
and great for say if your thinking about
Fabricating your very own spaceframe chassis.
Saying that,
Arc is perfect too for that.
I’m pretty sure the Lambo kit comes with its own
spaceframe I believe,
But yep, quite a handy trade to have def.
Just looking forward to Stoneleigh now lol

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