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Originally Posted by reneanglia View Post
Wrapping the exhaust is originally ment to keep the heat in the exhaust to make the gasflow faster on the way out,not to keep the heat away from other parts.
The air passing tru the radiator is cooler as the engine but has no influence to the heath of the engine,the coolant fluid does the cooling,not the surrounding air.
Thanks for the clarification RenÚ, I wasn't clear on that, the references to wrapping the exhaust I have read have been aimed at preventing the exhaust heat from overheating the engine bay.

My exhaust manifolds reach temperatures iro 300║C which certainly keep the surroundings warm!

I am just feeling my way at the moment, I made an 8 mile trip this evening and the engine re started quite happily. The route was quite flat so the engine wasn't pushed and didn't get particularly hot, big hills and it is a rather different outcome.

The improvement gained by restoring the original airbox and filters is remarkable. The car is a joy to drive now and hopefully can only get better. Flooring the accelerator simply shoves you back in the seat and hang on to the steering wheel! Previously it resulted in a gasp and the occasional back fire before a stuttering gradual gain in momentum.

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