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To get this body to fit better I needed more room around the engine.
I took advise from this forum and swapped the suspension turrets around.

I undone the upper suspension arms and unbolted the top of the shocks. This was all that needed to be done to enable the turrets to be unbolted and removed.

Sure enough when the turrets was relocated on opposite sides the engine mounts were over 8 inches rearward.

This is where it all when wrong.

When I tried to line up the engine mounts to there new home I found I could only move the engine rearward about half way .

As you can see the engine mounts clearly need to go back another few inches but the gearbox bell housing is hard against the main chassis rail both sides.

If you look closely you will see there is also issues with the gearbox rear end now sitting high on the chassis !!

I measured the engine mounts on this 4 cylinder engine and compared them with the 6 cylinder engine only to find they were with-in a few mm of each other.

So, have I done some thing wrong, which is very possible as this is the first time I have swapped the turrets.
Failing this does the chassis have to be "chopped" to allow room for the gearbox?
I am concerned because I think chopping the chassis at this point will seriously weaken the whole chassis structure. These wishbone style chassis are famous for twisting at this point when involved in a frontal traffic accident!!

I'm hopping I have done some thing wrong or I'v wasted a mornings work swapping the turrets and created another morning work swapping the turrets back.
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