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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
Micky1Mo –…

Why start a new project, when the Sammio Alpha is now finally ready to be promoted?

Given all the time and money you have invested in the Alpha, I would focus on that first.

Either way, good luck, Paul.
Paul L Thanks for your interest but I build cars for a living so any build is a means to an end and can be an enjoyable distraction from the norm.
As far as the ALPHA is concerned, only when I am satisfied the ALPHA is ready will I start promoting it.
Remember the issues you had with your body and how disappointed you were!!!

Yorkshireman has knowingly taken on the first build and I'll wait and see what he make of the conversion.

A conversion such as the ALPHA will never be perfect but with time and effort it can be quality product that a customer would be pleased with.

I takes very little time and effort to deal with happy customer.
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