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I managed to finish off the back of the MRS200 today. To be honest I needed to remind myself that this was an interim job and not a professional paint job - I could have been at it for another 2 weeks for what on the surface was going to be little additional benefit. Anyway, it now looks a lot smoother, all the flash lines are gone and the matt white primer blends everything in with the gel coat finish of the panels.

I also painted the black infill for the rear number plate area with black Plasti dip.

All cleaned up and lights are back in.

Just need to apply the stickers/decals to the rear now and then move on to painting the blue motorsport stripes and the air intake roof area of the clam. That’s a job for the weekend along with the black areas around the windows of both doors and the side scoops.

The deck at the back of the rear clam now looks quite respectable compared to what it looked like after the flash lines had been removed. I can still improve the area under the spoiler as that’s really difficult to get to with anything other than a hand sanding block, but I think that can wait now until the proper paint job.

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