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Well all I can say is that I underestimated big time the effort to mask up proper and then paint the stripes, along with the door skins and intercooler inlet/rear clam roof.

Having mocked up the stripes roughly with masking tape, getting it lined up proper across the full depth of the side of the car was another matter, especially allowing for the bow in the rear clam. Anyway, after nearly a full day of masking up I was left with something along the lines of this....

I’d decided to paint the black infills around the door window area and the air intake scoops first as I felt it would be easier to mask the black off when painting the blue than trying to do this after I’d painted the blue.

I knew choosing Flex Blue Plasti Dip was a bit of a risk as it’s relatively light, but I didn’t expect the coverage to be so poor compared to using the black colour. Anyway, 4 cans later I had what on the surface meets the purpose, but in reality is far off a professional job. But hey, that’s not the purpose, and it’s really just a temporary measure to break the white up until I do get it painted.

Here’s the outcome....

Looks OK from a couple of feet, and certainly looks fine from 6 feet (always a good test !), but as you’ll probably see in the pictures here it’s not an even coat and I think there are parts on the passenger side of the car I’ll end up peeling off and redoing before I get it MOT’d.

Overall effect is fine, and the matte blue adds to the overall matte effect. I managed to get the stripes pretty uniform and as you will see I also decided to do the doors in the same format as the original Ford Motorsport theme.

Fitted the sill decals/stickers and put the windows back in. Need to fit the mudflaps now, and then get on to sorting the interior out and putting the door cards back in. As I said above I think I’ll also go back and redo a couple of the stripes on the passenger side - hopefully those should just peel off!

I particularly like this angle of the car with the blue painted ... although it does remind me I need to do something with the intercooler pipes before the MOT given the engine isn’t turbo’d yet!

I also ordered some extra black Plasti dip having used all the cans I’d purchased to finish off the window surrounds. I need to do the lower vents on the bumpers and I think I’ll also have a go at doing the inners of the headlamp cowls. Once I’ve redone the couple of stripes that aren’t great on the passenger side I’ll refit the passenger window and the sill decals on that side.

Thanks for all the positive comments over the last 3 years of the build ... feels like it’s getting close to something now that can be MOT’d and driven again.

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