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Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident View Post
These detail from the struts I fitted to the Z300S. It has the longest bonnet of all so if these hold my bonnet up they should work fine for anything else

SGS Engineering
£43.94 2 x GSV10-300 Adjustable force gas strut
£0.00 2 x B3 10mm angled plastic ball socket
£0.00 2 x e10 8mm hole 5mm thick M8 1.25 thread eyelet
£5.30 1 x carriage
Did you have to cut away any of the mounting bracket to fit these. I say this as I ordered some from SGS. They sent GSV10-150 struts and they are longer and thicker than the BMW ones. I sent them back to SGS saying they didnít fit and they said they donít have a set suitable for a Z3 bonnet bracket and returned them!! I am going to have to try and get them to fit!!
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