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A few mates ran the 350 (small block) Chevy engine in cobras when I was running the Rover 3.5 in my Hawk, the Hawk was faster in initial acceleration only to be then overtaken by the 350's but I always out braked them into roundabouts and first away!

Talking of the heavy 350 chevy I have just had to move the old Essex engine in the garage that came out of the Se5, the Rover 3.5 has to be 50kg plus lighter than that, what with that and the lighter body, no roof, no glass, internal furnishings! the G46 V8 Mk1 is going to have a sweet unstressed power to weight ratio.

Looking to locate the body on the chassis tomorrow every "G Clamp" I have is currently in use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now where did I leave those sky hooks!

Will post a photo with the body temp located if we get that far
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