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Just come in from an afternoon in the garage wanted to see what the car looked liked with the arches filled out with wider wheels, not suggesting we use the revolutions wring decade, but it gives a good indication where a 15" 245 will sit the car will be a lot lower with engine and gear box in place and with shorter coil overs.

Gary, secured the front left cills by using metal angle straps cut and bent to match and self tapped into position see drivers side photo

I also made cardboard templates and made the inner arch floor, drop down and vertical filler on the passenger side from 10mm ply. The bottom plates are glued and screwed to the straps and cill plates under the doors, the vertical wing filler, I need to glue into position (will I get away with car filler) and then glass over them to give them an element of protection and for firming up the body.

One result is that with all the head scratching I can use the card board templates mirror image for the other side with very little alteration.

My wife came to find me this afternoon, she opened the garage door and said are you happy in here or just trying to get away from us indoors, no answer to that really, women! they just don't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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