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hi all

just for reference I have - taken from the anthony curtis Ferrari Dino book which seems to be a definitive book on the dino written around 1990-
wheelbase 2343 mm (7 foot 8.25 inches)
front track 1416 mm (4 foot 7.75 inches)
rear track 1441 mm (4 foot 8.75 inches)
these tally (within 2/3 mm I guess from rounding up/down) with several other books on the dino. But I do have another book with a set giving a wider track? Could this be from the "chairs and flairs" car? or was it just wider tyres and flared wheel arches. The internet search gives varied dimensions so I've taken them as not to be an accurate account due to armchair writers giving their take on the car!!

cheers Ian
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