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Chassis has been with me for a couple of days now ...I went to STS to get the missing engine parts and collect the rest of the exhaust plenty to get on with now !!

I trial fitted the frame and my development body yesterday to make sure it all fitted ....I had to adjust the floorpans slightly as Mark made them such a snug fit , the slight differences across chassis meant that they were a bit too snug ...I had to nibble the rear corner of the passenger one to allow room for fuel and brake pipes to clear ....The development chassis was not plumbed ..
I needed to move a central tube to clear the overdrive unit too inch back from where it was ...

So all new frames will be built taken these factors into account ...

Today , I started to make the new outriggers that support the bulkhead in its new position ..these are not drilled yet but will be a bolt in rigger that you will need to drill two holes either side to fit ( Bolt in keeps us IVA exempt - should builders choose to weld them in at a later date , that's up to them , but bolted will be strong enough )

These two riggers will be supplied as standard with the full kit package , but obviously can be bought separately if required...

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