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Originally Posted by Barber View Post
Why would you punish genuine potential customers? You would just drive them towards the bandits? I can understand why you might go that route to keep the value high though.
I do understand where you are coming from Barber , but you are approaching the debate from a customer / enthusiast perspective ....I have to look at it with my business / survival hat on ...

I am not just in this game for monetry gain ...I am a genuine enthusiast , so fully get what you are saying ....I created the S*mmio because I had no realistic options presented to me when I decided I want a 50's Sports car ...
If I pulled my body from the market , the options are still plentiful nowadays thanks to the current trend towards all things retro ...
I have invested a lot of time and money into this bodyshell , spent money I shouldn't have , made sacrifices I shouldn't have , literally lived on virtually no money for 18 months , did jobs I didn't want to do for people who took advantage of my obvious hunger , etc etc etc...not going to cry about it , but I equally would be pretty pissed off if I gave somebody else the opportunity to profit from my efforts , if someone copied it , I would pull it ...anyone who simply can't live without a Formosa could still approach me and I might release a body , or they could buy one from Blackbeard Mouldings ...
You are right , restricting access to the bodies and building turnkeys , like DNA did , could push the value up ...maybe , but prices are rising off the back of the classic market anyway ...ironically , rising values is what makes piracy even more attractive ...
If I only offered turnkeys and someone bought one and copied it , at least I would have taken upwards of 20,000 of their pieces of 8 off of them the moment , just over 3 grand gets someone into the game , plus moulding costs obviously ...
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