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Originally Posted by Jeff H View Post
@ Towed,

You seem upset, has somebody been insulting your latest build then ? I seem to recall we had a difference of opinion when I 1st joined the forum about 4 years ago regarding costs and quality of paintwork.

Surely you have more going on in your life than to hold on to a grudge for that amount of time ?

I do know you like to call "Troll" with anybody who has a different opinion to you but you really shouldn't let it get you down, keep growing that thick skin bud and you will be fine.
Oh, Hi Jeff.

Sorry to go all Carly Simon on you, but my posts above aren't about you.

I can understand why you think they might be: as I recall (and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), we fell out because when someone building a Tribute asked for advice about spraying their car, you expressed your opinion that they would have to pay at least 5k for a professional paint job or (and I quote from memory) '...your car will look like shit'.

As an amateur builder who'd been inspired to paint my own car myself after seeing the finish Phil J had managed to achieve on his green Sammio Spyder, I offered my own opinion that, with some research on the internet/youtube, a large enough domestic garage, some low budget equipment, cellulose paint and a bit of practice, an amateur enthusiast could prepare and spray their own car and achieve a decent finish that would be of a similar standard to many of the 1950's racing cars I'd seen in the paddock at Goodwood Revival and other events.

That was the entire reason for the spat, and to be fair, when I posted my first input on the subject I didn't know that you were a professional paint sprayer with your own business.

I think I only found that out after I 'dissed' your entire profession for overcharging customers with deep pockets (see below for an update on that opinion). I suspect that explains why our interactions online descended into the hostile tit-for-tat posts that I for one am not proud of.

I have looked back at my 'on the road' thread to see exactly what else was said at the time, but the moderators have deleted all your posts and my replies to them from it.

So, who am I referring to in my posts above? Well, I've named Jeremy Clarkson - I love his work but was really disappointed when he slated the self-build kit car industry in its entirety just because one car's brakes seized when he drove it, hence my raising him alongside the French journalist who called a Sammio Spyder a monstrous stinking turd non-imagination (I bet that scans better in French) just to point out that not everyone's going to love what you build.

The other one is about an occasional forum member whose name I shan't mention because he's like Beetlejuice - say his name out loud and he'll appear.

He's had several different forum names anyway as he keeps getting banned for trolling anyone and everyone and generally spoiling the positive vibe this forum usually has.

His posts have been exclusively negative and always follow the same pattern - saying other people's cars are worthless, always seeing overspray everywhere (he actually means paint sprayed directly onto unintended surfaces like tyres and exhausts, most recently a Tribute forum builder's fabulous blue D Type when it was just a reflection of the body colour in the polished exhausts) and claiming to own a huge collection of top-quality kit and specialist cars himself, despite only ever posting pictures of cars drawn from Google images.

Oh, and when I challenged him a while back to take a picture of one car he said he owned with a copy of a recent newspaper, he couldn't remember which of his properties he'd left it at. I think my own reply to that - that I have the same problem, I can never remember which of my mansions I've left my La Ferrari at was probably a bit on the provocative/childish side, but I'm still waiting to see the picture.

So no, none of those posts are about you.

On another matter, I was genuinely surprised to read in one of your posts above that your own builds haven't always been well received.

I haven't been following what you've done recently, but I did follow your build of the dark red 250 SWB with interest and I was very impressed with what you achieved. I especially liked the modification that gave the doors a more authentic shape, while the paint colour choice was fantastic and the finish a credit to you.

Having seen the work that went into that car I can now understand why you charge what you do to spray a car and why people who can afford your services pay it. I'd have liked to have said so on your build thread at the time but I didn't want to appear provocative by posting in your domain after our argument.

So, anyway, to answer some more of your questions, no, nobody's been rude about my current project. Well, not yet, anyway, and if they are I'll just ride it out. And no, I'm not bearing any grudge from 2016, life's just too short.

I do still maintain that an enthusiastic amateur builder can spray their own car at home using budget equipment and achieve a perfectly satisfactory result.

But I also acknowledge that it's never going to be as perfect as you can get it with your skills, experience, professional equipment, paint systems and facilities, and if I won the Euromillions jackpot I'd definitely pay a pro to paint some of the multi-million dollar classics I'd have dotted around my mansions, assuming I could remember where I'd left them.

As it is, I'm on track to (eventually) complete my Outlaw Speedster project for less than 5k total, so I'll be spraying it myself rather than spending the same again on an admittedly perfect paint job.

And on that subject, as this is a friendly forum where like-minded enthusiasts show each other what we're doing, share ideas and offer advice to other builders, as a professional paint finisher, do you have any hints and tips that might help us amateurs achieve a better finish when we spray our own cars?

Just a thought
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