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We bonded our shell onto the framework over Easter weekend. (I actually bought the resin for Easter 2011 - but that's another story!)

We also cut large vertical slots in the back, progressively dropping the tail to get it to 'look right', and ended up packing them back up a lot much as you have in your photo's.

The key thing I feel is to get the fibreglass sill to at least curve in level with, or preferably below, the chassis rails both sides. This is difficult on the front drivers side.

Like you, we cut off the bottom 'foot' of the moulding beside the master cylinders in order to drop the side down a bit, but left the centre moulding as made.

Using two ratchet straps, one across the winscreen area and one at the rear of the cockpit we pulled it all into shape for bonding. The drivers side front was touch and go, but with a bit of metal trimming we did get it just down level with the side of the chassis frame. Passenger side was no problem.

I will try and post some pictures later on.

Paul D.

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