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Originally Posted by davecymru View Post
Nope, mines like that and it all looks fine on the road! I know others who have picked up on that during the shell positioning have cut the bulkhead part down so that it sits flat. But TBH mine is all on the road with the front edge of the body not lipping under the chasis rails and it all looks fine! Well.... to me it does
Yes, that's exactly the issue with mine - the bulkhead is cut level, the chassis is straight and level, I put a spirit level across the cockpit and that's level but the driver's side of the shell doesn't cover the outrigger with the body on. You've got to look pretty hard to spot it though.

I'm going to do some more measuring just to be sure before finally fitting the body, and I might just extend the bottom edge of the body down so it wraps under the outrigger the same as the nearside one does.
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