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I must confess we did not take any real notice of the relative heights of the cockpit sides, just the sills. I was keen to try and make sure the metal chassis was hidden both sides by the fibreglass. Did consider slicing along the length of the drivers side about three inches up and stretching it downwards toward the front & then glassing in the split, but was happy with the results of our "fettling" (fnaar!).

Having just put a long level across the cockpit I am surprised to find that the Drivers side is higher than the passengers by 1 to 2 cm - according to where you measure. I went across in front of the steering wheel, centre, and rear just in front of the headrest hump.

It doesn't seem logical that the drivers side is the one we have really pulled down as much as we can to get the bonnet swage lines level with the chassis both sides, and yet it is still higher.

Not to worry though, as soon as the driver gets in it will look level! Unless I lose some weight that is...
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