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I kinda mirror what Len , Straight sixer , says above.....

When I first started these cars , it was to build one for myself and try and recoup/justify my expenditure by building a couple to that point I didn't think it would be much more than that. After no. 1 sold and was re-sold giving me credit for the build , interest increased to a level where we decided we needed to straighten out and soften that first attempt.....I still didn't think they would go to the level they have.
The car was designed to be a cheap body swap option for people wanting to bring the whole 1950's Special thing into the modern day....

They are priced as such.

I never thought people would embrace the concept to the stage where some VERY nice examples are being built. You kind of hope it will happen , but don't expect it...

The result of people building them on a higher level , than I originally thought would happen is that the cars aren't symmetrical and do need a little tweaking if being built to a good standard....

If its any consolation , they are a LOT better than the body I started with !!

A famous Hot Rod builder was picked up on a symmetry issue on one of his cars a few years back and his response was something like '' Don't worry about it - you can't see both sides at once !''

We have reworked the body on the Cordite , so it is our best yet ...dearest too !! But still leagues ahead of the competition !!
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