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? Not sure i understand the can't / won't thing?


I've just about finished rebuilding the front suspension but the cheepo lock nuts supplied with the track rod ends from Rimmers both stripped their threads when torquing them up.

I'd set the 1st for 30lbs which was the lower end of what Haynes recommend and it stripped way before then.
So i set the 2nd for 22lbs, it reached that but felt like it wouldn't go much further and when i upped it to 26lbs it stripped as well. <grrr>

I managed to get them off with my nut splitters and luckily it was just the nuts, so i'll have another crack at those tomorrow!

Apart from that i've also run all of the brake lines (apart from to the master cylinder - as it's not there yet!) and i've also tried bolting the frame down





Mike, i always knew it would, but it was nice to see anyway

Both front mounting points, all 4 main mounting points and the 2 over the rear suspension all lined up without any use of adjustment-tool-No.1!!

There may be a minor bit of "fettling" needed on those over the rear outriggers, but I've never seen 2 sets of outriggers in the same location, so i'll forgive that

I hope to have the petrol tank and seatbelt mounts sorted, trial the pedals and steering and then start painting the frame tomorrow, so i'll get loads of pics then
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